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Sharon Salzberg: What 40 Years Of Meditation Has Taught Me

#18 My awesome guest this week is world-renowned meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg.

There doesn't get many people more experienced than Sharon when it comes to teaching meditation. 
sharon salzber meditation

Kerwin Rae: No Pressure, No Diamond

#17 My awesome guest this week is entrepreneur Kerwin Rae.

I have huge respect for Kerwin and everything that he does. This podcast will leave you feeling very inspired and taking action on areas in your life that may need a little work.

Learn More Here.
howard martin heartmath

Dan Brulé: Breathwork Mastery. Transforming the Physical, Mental & Spiritual

#16 Dan has coached Tony Robbins, Navy Seals and hundreds of thousands of people on breath work mastery. Among them are Olympic champions and elite martial artists, leading psychotherapists and medical experts; 
howard martin heartmath

Joshua Mantz: Beauty Of A Darker Soul & The Truth Behind Trauma

#15 This is one incredible podcast episode. I was truly moved and honoured to have Josh on the show.

Josh served as a platoon leader and was shot and killed by an enemy sniper. He flatlined for 15 minutes (yes you read that right) before being brought back to life. Learn More Here.
howard martin heartmath

Supercharging Our Intentions & The True Power Of Community

#14 Eddie shares his experience with the 4 week Let It In program and the monthly group intentions. 

Discover how our intentions can be amplified combined with a meditation practise so we can make true change in our lives. Lear More Here.
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Luke Richmond: One Life One Chance.

#13 My awesome guest this week is adventurer Luke Richmond.

If you are tiered of the mundane and need a little inspiration to make change, then this podcast episode is for you. One Life One Chance will ultimately remind you that we only have one shot, so don’t waste a second of it.
howard martin heartmath

Demystifying Meditation & The 4 Key Ingredients To ‘Let It In’ & Live Your Best Life Now.

#12 We all know meditation is good for us... so why do most people don't do it or struggle with it?
I believe this is partly because we don't truly understand it and how we can truly reap the benefits from it by making it a regular practise. Learn More Here.
howard martin heartmath

Jordan Travers: NDE, Ayahuasca & Becoming A Man Alive

#11 This week I welcome to the show my good friend Jordan Travers.
Strap yourself in as we go straight down the rabbit hole with his near death and outer body experience, his journey with the sacred ritual Ayahuasca (the vine of the souls) and his remarkable career as a holistic health coach.

Learn More Here
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Don Miguel Ruiz Jr: The Mastery Of Self & Living With The Four Agreements

#10 This week my special guest is me Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.
I could listen to this conversation over and over again as there is so much wisdom here from Don Miguel.

Sit back and enjoy as he shares his life's teaching with us to better our lives daily.

Learn More Here
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Finding Courage To Live Your Truth & Purpose

#9 This week my special guest is me, Guy Lawrence. 

I was recently interviewed on my wife's podcast; Lynda Griparic - Love & Guts. Nobody knows me better than her as she's been there every step of the way regarding my transition...

Learn More Here
howard martin heartmath

Howard Martin: Heartmath & Tapping Into Intuition

#8 This week my special guest is Howard Martin. 

We delve into the science of the heart, it's energy properties, guidance and wisdom.

Learn More Here
howard martin heartmath

Keegan Smith: Expanding Life Beyond Our Limits

#7 This week I bring you Keegan Smith (Coach KEEGAN). I loved this conversation! 
From contributing to turning the Sydney Roosters NRL team around which honestly could be a Hollywood script... 

Learn More Here

Lynne Mctaggart: Harnessing Intention & The Power Of Eight

#6 This week my special guest is best-selling author and journalist Lynne Mctaggart. 
Get ready to strap yourself in because what Lynne has to share is mind blowing!

Chris Kresser: Unconventional Medicine & How I Prioritise My Life

#5 This week my special guest is Chris Kresser. 

Chris has been studying, practicing, and teaching alternative medicine for more than fifteen years.

Dave O'Brien: 5 Life Lessons From The Happiest & Healthiest People On The Planet

#4 This week my special guest is David O'Brien from 5th Element Wellness. 
We dive into the topic of one of the offical Blue Zone areas in Sardinia and dig into the life lessons 

Jeff Lieberman: Overcoming Depression & What Science Taught Me About Spirit

#3 This week I bring you Jeff Lieberman. I absolutely loved this episode and we go down multiple rabbit holes. 

Having finished four degrees at MIT....

Darcy Higgins: Survivor + Overcomer + Adventurer = Grateful

#2 This week I bring you Darcy Higgins. His journey in life has been quite incredible. His thirst for living the moment is simply contagious! 

Dawson Church PhD: Breakthrough Your Limiting Beliefs & Emotions With EFT

#1 This week I bring you Dawson Church, PhD, who in my eyes is a bit of a legend! His work is on the forefront of health and transformation and I highly encourage you check out this podcast and his work.

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Student of life, podcaster, co-founder of 180 Nutrition and founder of 'Let It In'. A 4 week program based on neuroscience and meditation. 

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