Transformation Starts From The Inside Out
Proven! A Workshop Blending Meditation & The Latest Neuroscience To Embrace Change & Create A Future 
We Truly Desire.
It's Time To Rewrite YOUR Story & Create A New One
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Cultivate True Strength & Happiness From The Inside Out
 With learned skills like metacognition, meditation and enhanced breathwork techniques, science is now showing the true potential of our brain, heart and body. These are simple skills we can all learn. By understanding these tools and "doing" the work, we can take back control and create a future reality we truly desire.
Fast Forward Your True Potential
Using proven techniques, you will quickly be able to follow a process and cultivate the courage to follow your heart.
Develop Your Brain Power
Learn tools to help master your mind, take control of old habits, beliefs, perceptions and set yourself up for success.
Strengthen Heart Intelligence
Discoveries show the heart is not just a pump. Learn the techniques to tap into it's true strength & help guide you.
Learn New
Meditation Skills
Science is now showing how effective meditation is on the body. Learn simple skills to help influence the body & mind.
What Other People Are Saying About The Workshop:
David O'Brien
 Owner of 5th Element Wellness
Lynda Griparic
Joe Gill
Computer Programmer
AJ Ley
Civil Engineer
Leigh Stalker
Owner - Noosa Strength Centre
Jen Martin
Freelance Copywriter

 What You Will Learn:

 ✔ How to best live in the moment & follow your life's purpose
 ✔ Tools to quieten and focus the mind
 ✔ How to cultivate belief in yourself and then act.
 ✔ How to put everything together in everyday life. We are all busy!
 ✔ An easy step by step plan to follow to create a daily meditation practice
 ✔ Live with courage and not let doubt or fear hold you back.
Do you have a yearning for more?
In a world of information, knowledge is not enough. To live the life you truly want, you have to go after it. Take the right knowledge and apply it. You have to embody it at a being level, not just at a intellectual level. Once you truly understand this, magic can happen!

Previous workshop at 5th Element Wellness

"...we put such a big focus on what's going on internally within the body, like realigning someone biochemistry or gut health.
But the last frontier for us to help get the members the results they want, is really what's going on in their brain..."
David O'Brien - Owner of 5th Element Wellness
Sydney - Holistic Health Club
January 2018
Sunshine Coast - The Farm Gym
January 2018
Melbourne - 5th Element Wellness
January 2018
Brisbane - Strength & Movement
April 2018
Sunshine Coast - Iron Lion
April 2018
Newcastle - Cornerstone
May 2018
Next Workshop Venues & Dates
Saturday 9th June 2018. 1pm - 5pm

Venue: 5th Element Wellness

79 Queens Parade
Melbourne VIC 3068

Note: Max 30 seating capacity. This workshop has SOLD OUT the last two times. Make sure you book your spot early not to miss out.
 Sunshine Coast
 Sunday 1st July 2018. 9am - 1pm

Venue: Pegasus Pt

Shop 4/11 
Gibson Rd
Noosaville 4566

Note: Max 40 seating capacity. 
 Gold Coast
Saturday 14th July 2018 12.30pm - 5pm

Venue: Holistic Pro Health Performance

106/87 Griffith Street
Coolangatta QLD 4225

Note: Max 40 seating capacity. Previous workshops around the country have SOLD OUT. Make sure you book your spot early not to miss out.
 Saturday 21st July 2018. 1pm- 5pm

Venue: Elysium Health & Fitness

Unit 3, 2-10 
Mountbatten Drive
Dubbo 2830

Note: Max 50 seating capacity. Previous workshops around the country have SOLD OUT. Make sure you book your spot early not to miss out.
Sunday 22nd July 2018. 10.30am - 2.30pm

Venue: RealYou Condobolin LFT

36 William Street
Condobolin NSW 2877

Note: Max 40 seating capacity. Previous workshops around the country have SOLD OUT. Make sure you book your spot early not to miss out.
Watch Recent Interview Regarding The Workshops
Skip to 59 seconds to start the interview.
Here I catch up with Ezra Taylor of Brisbane Strength & Movement discussing what to expect from the workshops.
Workshop Outline:
  • Session One (1hr 45min):
    - We dive into 'Metacognition'. This is a game changer. This is the foundation to long lasting change.
  • 15 minute Break
  • Session Two (1hr 45min):
    - Once we have a deep understanding of 'Metacognition', we then start to develop the skill 'Proprioception', which is creating an inner awareness beyond our five senses.
    - We will look at what quantum physics is saying about our energy bodies and how we can raise our energy.
    - Learn a simple breathing exercise to raise our energy and clear our mind.
    - Meditation.
    - Q&A
(Short Clips Below) What Science Is Now Saying:
Taken from the 180 Nutrition podcast (full interviews available on iTunes & Youtube)
Dr Joe Dispenza
Best selling author:
You Are The Placebo
Dr Bruce Lipton
Best selling author: 
Biology Of Belief
Gregg Braden
Best selling author: 
Resilience From The Heart
Wim Hoff - The Iceman
26 times 
world record holder
NASA Physicist Tom Campbell
Best selling author: 
My BIG Toe
Chris Tate
Neuroscience, Quantum Physics 
and Meditation Coach
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