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A Proven Roadmap to demystify meditation & neuroscience to live your fullest life
"...I've worked with many performance coaches in the past, spending up to $3500 a month... this is a fraction of that and I'm getting more of an outcome! 
I think what you've got here is very special and it's applicable to anybody..."
Sean L'Estrange - Owner, New Image Personal Conditioning

"...being part of a group and being accountable... it felt more manageable and personable. With the exception of three times, I was able to stick to it, and that's amazing for me... "
Linda Bruce - Nutritionist
"...it has really re-ignited my love and joy for meditation. I have a very busy mind and unfortunately I have a perfectionistic nature.
This can really stop me enjoying the moment.
This has helped me get those moments back more and more"
Andre Halkyard - Entrepreneur
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The LET IT IN Academy. Welcome To The Beta Membership Opportunity...
Since launching my pilot 4 week flagship program Let It In in October 2017, I have since ran 12 live workshops, three live interactive 4 week programs and built an extremely supportive and inspiring community that LOVE this work as much as I do. This journey so far has exceeded all my expectations and the results I'm seeing within this community has blown my mind.

From this I've decided to open the doors fully and grant complete access for a short period of time during August. There will be an opportunity to join the Let It In community for a very affordable monthly membership. If you like the sound of this and want to be notified when those doors are open, simply subscribe with your email below.
Who is Guy Lawrence?
Picture this.You spend the first 33 years of your life trying to figure it all out. You wander the world like a nomad with no real answers to be found. With a restless yearning inside, you avoid any sort of commitment and ask yourself daily if you've gone crazy... will I ever resolve this?

You then wake up one day and take MASSIVE action and become seriously committed. From there you dig a big hole for yourself over three years and end up $30,000 in debt from day trading the stock market. The universe then intervenes with a series of random events that knocks you around and asks; are you really listening?

And then you truly wake up. You decide to do something deemed as crazy. You follow your heart without question... without caring for consequence.... do or die... your doing it!

Without any business or internet skills and no money, you co-found a online health and wellness company called 180 Nutrition. Within three and a half years you help shake up the supplement industry, become a multimillion dollar company and nominated for Australian Business Telstra Awards finals. 

You begin to trust this whole following your heart thing and then start a podcast. The podcast hits number one in the health section in iTunes, gets millions of downloads and you get to talk to some of the leading experts on the planet in wellness. This opens you up to a new world of possibilities that you didn't even know existed... neuroscience, quantum physics, neuroplasticity, epigenetics... and even though these words sound complicated, you realise when applied they are a GAME CHANGER... Like life changing game changer.

You can then keep this information to yourself or try and help others. Filter the technical aspects to make it practical for daily life. So what do you decide to do? You listen to your heart once more... you don't fight the deep yearning inside. You get out of your own way and you 'Let It In'. 

And this is my creation to help you too.
Do you have a yearning for more?
In a world of information, knowledge is not enough. To live the life you truly want, you have to go after it. Take the right knowledge and apply it. You have to embody it at a being level, not just at a intellectual level. Once you truly understand this, magic can happen!
"Much love and gratitude to Guy for brining his awesome #letitin meditation workshop to @crossfitironlion. Guy’s passion for this work is infectious and he is definitely one of the driving forces helping to bring what were once considered fringe concepts into the mainstream. Hopefully we are not too far from a time when these kind of practices are considered standard parts of health prescriptions and school curriculums."
  Luke Steiger - Owner Crossfit Iron Lion
"...I think this course is great if you want to connect with really like-minded people. You'll definitely get that here.

And you'll be really really surprised by some of the content that Guy talks about. There are SO many ah ha moments when you're watching the videos and in everyday life..."
  Rhoda - Agency Account Director
Putting the meaning into meditation...
The 3 Keys To Your Success:
The quickest way to success no matter what you want to achieve, is find someone who's walked the path before you and copy them.

I believe there's as much value in knowing what not to do!
Probably the most powerful thing to encourage you to stay on track and reveal the person you truly want to be. Be around like minded people that are all on the same journey and encourage growth.

This is priceless.

Repetition is the mother of all skill. And the concepts that are taught within this program are simple skill sets that anyone can do.

All you need to do is practise daily and repeat. No magic formula required.

How you can benefit from joining this community:
  • Coaches Corner. You will be able to have direct private access to Guy Lawrence to assist you on your journey
  • Community. You will be welcomed and supported by a very positive community to inspire you to stay accountable and take action
  •  Programs & Resources. Get instant access to all my programs, pdf worksheets and resources.
  •  Monthly Online Expert Masterclasses.
  •  Meditations Mp3. Access to all my recorded meditations that support this work
  •  Monthly Online Group Intentions. These are mindblowing
  •  Monthly Online Meditations. Feel the power of a community meditation and be inspired to stay on track
  •  Direct Access To Experts. There are some very smart people in Guy's community.
  •  Monthly 5 Day Challenges. A fun way to explore the work and not too overwhelming.
  •  Discounts To The Full Immersion Retreats
Once you are up to speed and have been implementing the mebership, you will start to understand the TRUE POWER of this work.

In this video, Eddie shares his experiences from our recent group intention meditation we held for the Let It In community. If you are willing to 'Do The Work' and practise, this work can be truly life changing.

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