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After 42 years in the game of life so far, I'm certain of one thing… that nothing is certain! I believe change is where an abundance of opportunity lies, and if we muster the courage to step into the unknown more often, we can let the magic begin to happen.

From being almost $30,000 in debt, I woke up one day and decided to follow my heart instead of my over analysing thoughts and beliefs in my head. Within three and a half years myself and business partner had built a very successful health company called 180 Nutrition. I had zero business skills or qualifications. Opportunities and synchronicities were happening that were beyond what I could have imagined to help us along our way. Were these mere random coincidences or was there more to this? The universe seemed to have our back. The only thing I changed was the way I looked at the world and myself.

I then went on a search in my personal life to find out what lay behind all this. It turns out that science is now showing what I intuitively did... can be taught. It's simply a skill that needs practise.
In a noisy world of information, I wanted to distil the very things I do on a daily basis and share it with you for the first time in this 4 week online program.
Everyone's talking about meditation, right? We all know that you should not let doubt and fear get in the way. But what almost no one understands about meditation is the concept of metacognition. I believe just meditating doesn't allow you to take control of your life, it's putting the meaning into meditation that does. And that can happen even if you are doubting yourself. As long as you practise the techniques and tools daily, you can truly live a life your heart desires.

You see... I wake up every morning and tell myself "One Day, One Life". How can I show up today and make the most of this gift (called life). How can I overcome those doubts, fears, uncertainties that constantly creep in and say to me "who do you think you are… who are you to make a difference… who's ever going to listen to you". 

As those old programs run through my head and body, I'm gonna do it anyway. Because I know underneath it all, there's my true self busting to get out. No more automatic habits, self limiting beliefs or patterns are going to rule my world. Time flies. I'm the pilot and it's time to take control.

I've being exposed to the works of Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Wim Hof (Iceman), Dr Jeffery Fannin, Chris Tate (to name a few) who are doing phenomenal work in neuroscience and helping us take back control. 

They have given me the ingredients and the recipe to let go of fear, embrace change and muster the courage to reveal who we truly want to become… and I'm baking my own cake with those ingredients, with this 4 week online program the result of it.
Learning the tools, strategies and techniques that these guys have provided over the years has been a game changer for me. And now it's time for me to inspire change in you… Even if some of it seems 'Out There' :)
So if you love the sound of this and you are ready to create change, stick your finger up to any resistance that shows up and begin to "Let It In"… 

... then join me for my 4 week online pilot program... because you never know, it might just change your life like it has mine!
Cultivate True Strength & Happiness From The Inside Out
 With learned skills like metacognition, meditation and proprioception, science is now showing the true potential of our brain, heart and body. These are simple skills we can all learn. By understanding these tools and "doing" the work, we can take back control and create a future reality we truly desire.

Develop Your Brain's True Potential

Learn tools to help master your mind, take control of old habits, beliefs, perceptions and set yourself up for success.

Strengthen Heart Intelligence

Learn tools to help master your mind, take control of old habits, beliefs, perceptions and set yourself up for success.
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Do you have a yearning for more?
In a world of information, knowledge is not enough. To live the life you truly want, you have to go after it. Take the right knowledge and apply it. You have to embody it at a being level, not just at a intellectual level. Once you truly understand this, magic can happen!
4 Week Online 
Interactive Program:
 Starts Monday 14th May 2018
Bringing the live workshop online so it's accessible to everyone.
"Much love and gratitude to Guy for brining his awesome #letitin meditation workshop to @crossfitironlion. Guy’s passion for this work is infectious and he is definitely one of the driving forces helping to bring what were once considered fringe concepts into the mainstream. Hopefully we are not too far from a time when these kind of practices are considered standard parts of health prescriptions and school curriculums."
  Luke Steiger - Owner Crossfit Iron Lion
Putting the meaning into meditation...
The 3 Keys To Your Success:
The quickest way to success no matter what you want to achieve, is find someone who's walked the path before you and copy them.

I believe there's as much value in knowing what not to do!
Probably the most powerful thing to encourage you to stay on track and reveal the person you truly want to be. Be around like minded people that are all on the same journey and encourage growth.

This is priceless.

Repetition is the mother of all skill. And the concepts that are taught within this program are simple skill sets that anyone can do.

All you need to do is practise daily and repeat. No magic formula required.

How Does The Online Program Work?
The four week program is interactive and facilitated by me. After ten years in the health industry, and eight years in the online internet space, this program is designed to get THE MOST out of you and the four weeks.

Each person will have access to the membership site which consists of educational videos, meditations, weekly live masterclasses and weekly tasks. You will also have access to a special closed Facebook group that is a key component to the program.
Program Includes:
Masterclass video series is divided into 2 x two week blocks. I have taken a very dense topic of neuroscience, meditation and quantum physics and put into everyday language and how if we 'do' the work, we can have a direct impact on our day to day living. This is fluff free, practical and impactful.


These are priceless. This is where you will get direct access to me. Using Zoom software, we all meet once a week to cover the weekly tasks, my own experiences from doing this work and questions that you will have. These masterclasses are not only much more powerful than a Facebook live Q&A, but they help bring the 4 week community together as a whole.


This is pivotal to your success. You will get regular updates from me to keep you on track. But most importantly, you will be able to interact with like minded people on this journey and know that you are not alone. You will be able to share your wins and experiences during the four weeks and have the support of the community. Honestly, this really is quite special.


There are countless styles, methods and techniques when it comes to meditation. It's safe to say I've tried most. The meditations I have designed are to purposely support the content of this program that I have found the most effective. You will learn terms like 'proprioception'. By practising this skill, you will be able to influence the nervous system and your stress responses. Once you master this your whole world begins to change.


These worksheets are designed to help you get clarity, create change and move towards the future you truly desire. This is the very process I take myself through when I start a new project, or feel a little stuck or want to create change in my life. These work hand in hand with the masterclass video series to help you overcome you're own doubts, fears and step into your own personal power.


Each week as a group you are given simple tasks that you can apply to help deepen your understanding with the content provided. As we work our way through the course we build upon the previous week.
I will be in the Facebook group encouraging you the whole way and you can draw inspiration from the community as each week evolves.
What Makes This Program Different?
Many internet courses are built with all their efforts on the selling process. Once you've purchased the course they leave you to it. My heart and soul has gone into this program and I WANT YOU to succeed! I am there with you for the whole 4 weeks.

After 8 years in the online space and making a success of my company 180 Nutrition, I know what works and what doesn't.

This 4 week course is INTERACTIVE. I am with you every step of the way. You will learn by 'Doing The Work'. This gives you the power to take control of your future and you will learn tools for life.

Think about this for a moment. With all my knowledge from working in the health industry and interviewing world health experts, I could have gone in any direction when building my course. I chose this. Why? Because as far as I'm concerned, if you get the concepts I teach here, everything else will start to fall into place.

I believe you are getting MASSIVE VALUE for your money. I was advised to charge 4-8 times the price than I'm currently charging. This course is a fraction of the cost of what a personal mentor consultation with me would be. The price of this program will go up in the future as I require more staff, advertising and office space etc.
"...being part of a group and being accountable... it felt more manageable and personable. With the exception of three times, I was able to stick to it, and that's amazing for me... "
Linda Bruce - Nutritionist
"...just do it if you really want to change your direction moving forward. There's many a program out there, but this one you need to do.
For what you gain out of it is LIFE CHANGING.."
Joe Gill - Computer Programmer

" perceptions of the program 100% changed and I did not expect to gain so much from it like I did.
The community feel and the tasks were simple yet powerful.
It's helped me be in more flow with life than thinking to far ahead which can cause anxiety...
If you're sitting on the fence, just do it!"
Lynda Griparic - Naturopath & Nutritionist
I'm busy. What's the commitment for the 4 weeks?
The program has been designed for small daily bite size chunks. It's all about getting the basic fundamentals in without the fluff. 
The main things required will be:
       - Do my guided meditation for 10 minutes every morning
       - Watch one 5-15 minute video daily
       - Complete the simple weekly tasks.
       - Turn up for the weekly 30 minute live masterclases
       - Spend 15 minutes a day engaging in the Facebook group
I really struggle with meditation. Will this help?
Absolutely! No skill required. Just follow the steps, watch the videos and practise.
What area's of my life does this work apply to?
You can apply this work to pretty much anything. If you want change a habit, a limiting belief, find your dream partner, follow your passion, find your passion, earn more money. I believe the same rules apply. You just have to turn up everyday in your life, apply the tools and 'DO' the work.
Are the Zoom masterclasses Recorded?
Yes they are, so you will be able to listen to them if you can't make it. Though we do recommend you try to make the live calls as you can ask questions and have a much richer experience.
What You Will Learn:
  •  How to best live in the moment & follow your life's purpose
  •  Tools to quieten and focus the mind
  • How to cultivate belief in yourself and then act.
  •  How to put everything together in everyday life. We are all busy!
  •  An easy step by step plan to follow to create a daily meditation practice
  •  Live with courage and not let doubt or fear hold you back.
You Will Receive:
  •  4 Weeks Access to Membership Area & Videos
  •  4 x Weekly Live Zoom Masterclasses
  •  4 Weeks Access to the Facebook Support Group
  •  Two Meditations Designed For This Program
  •  3 Months Access To The Program
  •  Weekly Tasks That I Implemented To Create Change In My Life
  •  Discovery Worksheet Documents
 Normally: $497
Todays Price: $297
or 4 x $89 a week
If you are a couple wanting to do the program for yourself & your partner. 
Email me for partners pricing. (contact info at base of page)
NOTE: Please only inquire if you are a couple. 
Once you have completed the 4 week Let It In program, you will start to understand the TRUE POWER of this work.

In this video, Eddie shares his experiences from our recent group intention meditation we held for the Let It In community. If you are willing to 'Do The Work' and practise, this work can be truly life changing.

You're Just One Decision Away From Creating The Life You Want...

100% Money Back Guarantee

I truly want you to be completely satisfied with this course investment for yourself and your future. If after WEEK ONE of the interactive course you feel this program is not for you, I will happily refund 100% of your money back.

This takes away all the risk. What have you got to lose?
(Short Clips Below) What Science Is Now Saying:
Taken from the 180 Nutrition podcast (full interviews available on iTunes & Youtube)
Dr Joe Dispenza
Best selling author:
You Are The Placebo
Dr Bruce Lipton
Best selling author: 
Biology Of Belief
Gregg Braden
Best selling author: 
Resilience From The Heart
Wim Hoff - The Iceman
26 times 
world record holder
NASA Physicist Tom Campbell
Best selling author: 
My BIG Toe
Chris Tate
Neuroscience, Quantum Physics 
and Meditation Coach
Got A Question? Email: [email protected]